Do you want to grow your own food?……. Already growing your own food with varied success? ……. Wondering how to create a kitchen garden? …….  Are you wondering ‘How big does a productive garden need to be?’……. Is my soil good enough? …… What is Permaculture?…….Trying to identify a sustainable land use strategy? ……. Are you interested in DIY landscaping? …….Do you want advise on creating free and budget friendly gardens using recycled materials? ……. Just want a garden designer who takes into account your particular needs and property conditions? …….Want to expand or revamp your existing garden but not sure where to start?

Imagine being able to walk around your property and be welcomed by a pleasant environment, thriving plants and the comfort of knowing that your garden will help sustain you and your family for years to come.  Choosing to grow edible plants will reduce your grocery bill and improve your diet too.

At Edible Garden Design we focus on backyard food production (and front yards too!). Implementing our suggestions can help you improve your gardens productivity, conserve water, save you money on your food bill and improve your family’s health through better nutrition. We offer designs for every budget whether you prefer DIY, low tech solutions, store bought setups or professional installations.

We can help people in apartments, urban and peri-urban properties in South East Queensland, Australia and people elsewhere via phone and internet.

Whether you own the property or are renting

Whether you already have a garden or mainly lawn

Whether you want to transform your whole property or just a specific area

Ask yourself:

Am I happy with the taste, price & quality of the food currently available?

How do my food choices influence my own health and the health of my family?

What impacts do my food choices have on the environment?

Am I really getting value for money?

For the average person, moving towards sustainable living and food security is becoming increasingly important for good health and wellbeing. We might all be better off if we understand the true value of investing in our skills, health & property while improving our resource efficiency at the same time.  We are all somehow dependant on the growing, trading and exchange of food as a means of survival – a tradition as old as the hills themselves.


Health Care Card holders & Pensioners are eligible for 10% discount on all services*

Current special until end December 2012: South East Queensland 2011 Flood affected properties : 20% discount on all services*

* Discount not available on travel surcharge (if applicable), discounts cannot be combined and proof of eligibility is required.


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